Thursday, December 01, 2005

Piece of the Week!

I have hit upon an idea so fabulous and wonderous that I can hardly contain myself. It is the TEARS OF A CLOWNSILLY PIECE OF THE WEEK!.
Here's the scoop:

Each week (or each 'once in a while') I will write about a new classical piece or section, jazz, pop or rap song I'm diggin' and host it on my musical beat-makin alter-ego Kid Icarus' Myspace*.
So now, you will be able to read about what I like, and then listen to what I like! It's a wonderful way to indulge your love of the things I love, and we can talk about what I love and celebrate my interests in one big Festival of Self (or for you, Festival of Me, which means 'you' since you are talking about me).

Luigi Dallapiccola-Danza di Apollo (from the ballet Marsia)

This week's piece is the Danza di Apollo ('Dance of Apollo') from Luigi Dallapiccola's 1943 ballet Marsia. The last purely diatonic music the great Italian serialist wrote, Marsia is a neo-classical and harmonically sophisticated work of great skill and clarity that at times brings to mind the great Greek ballets of Stravinsky. At the center of the work is Apollo's dance, and what a dope-ass dance it is. Full of obsessively pounded dissonant chords, huge jazzy open-fifths and wonderfully focused and flowing energy, Dallapiccola's Apollo is not elegant and shrewd like Stravinsky's, but powerful and of great bredth.

Please DOWNLOAD and listen as it works better and is even MORE illegal.
ENJOY and post your thoughts before the record companies sue me.

*This is EXTREMELY illegal!


Blogger A. B. Chairiet said...

I haven't listened to it yet, though I will, trust me. The opportunity to do something illegal doesn't present itself too often.

Though Arkansas makes many things illegal...

Let's just say, if you ever wanted something from me...not sex, but the other...It would be illegal. Down here anyways.

Good thing you're not coming to Hicksville, huh? ;)

~ Ash

P.S. I love the "Tony Danza..." alternate title. Funny stuff.

3:51 AM  

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