Friday, December 02, 2005

Positively 4th Street

Bob Dylan gets a lot of flack for his voice, which is generally accepted to be 'bad'.
But on this track, one of Dylan's most perfect one-verses, he delivers a vocal performance that has the control, solid pitch and rhythm that rivals any Placido Domingo. The way how each time around he deftly plays the melody a little different, falling behind the rhythm before catching up, altering the volume of his voice when a particularly spirted lyric inspires him, when combined with the funky bar-band 'Blonde on Blonde' era backup pounding the changes, gives the song a mesmeric magnetism.

If Dylan would have put this track at the end of 'Blonde on Blonde', between 'Obviously Five Believers' and 'Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' he would have had himself a truly perfect album.

Thank God for computers! Now you can do that yourself!

P.S. I'm extremely late. Why did I write this?


Blogger A. B. Chairiet said...

I don't know why you wrote it, Pattycakes, but I like Bob Dylan.

Hey, maybe you wrote it so I could say that..

You think??

~ Ash

3:43 AM  

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