Friday, October 27, 2006


I will say no more about the upcoming Elections save for the fact that I can hardly wait to watch the Republicans be destroyed in every race they run. Still, I must say that watching "news" and political punditry (it matters not which shows-they are all awful) in the last few days has been as frightening as the Green Man under your bedsheets*. Americans who get their news from television are treated to 'debates' on these incredibly important Gordion Knots of perplexity:
-Was the fat, drug-addicted and insane radio host right in questioning if Michael J. Fox is faking his Parkinsons because Stem Cell Research, although very likely to save hundreds of thousands of lives in the future, will deprive the adorable embryos en route to being thrown out chance to become Southern Evangelical home-schooled child beauty pageant winners?
-Should you vote for one proven racist instead of another because one of them wrote things in a work of fiction that are morally wrong?; Or it's follow-up: what is fiction and art anyway? Aren't words in books true and capable of magical powers?

A hex on all of you. (Not you readers: the media).

*Not because he is a frightening pagan God but because he always wants to spoon when you just want to sleep.


Blogger Akron Crossing said...

Point Taken.

But before you write off ALL televised debates, watch the last of the Senatorial debates series, this one between Benjamin Cardin and Michael Steele of Maryland on Meet the Press this Sunday at 9.
The debate between Klobuchar and Kennedy on MTP wasn't especially good, but the one before it, if you haven't seen it already, between Senator Talent and Claire McCaskill is worth a look too.

If Russert makes talk of anything to do with Rush Limbaugh I'll blog you a personal apology, then bake for you a patriotic dutch apple pie.

9:14 AM  
Blogger PWS said...

I saw the Klobuchar and Kennedy debate and it was good. Still, Russert seems to me to be the human equivalent of Dr. Rite soda.

6:26 PM  

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