Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bach's Face

A fascinating and exhaustively documented website from a lecture given by Teri Noel Towe on "The Face of Bach". Despite the author's lapsing into long, uncomfortable personal asides, great stuff. Detailed comparisons of purported portraits and drawings of master along with photos of his skull taken during a 1895 exhumation. Tow lists the main physiognomical characteristics of Bach:
1. A massive skull,
2. A receding forehead,
3. drooping eyelids, particularly over the right eye,
4. shallow eye-sockets,
5. unusual asymmetry of the eyes,
6. predominantly blue color of the eyes, and
7. protruding jaw and double chin.

After a personal examination of the portraits and skeleton of Johann Sebastian Bach's, I, no expert on physiognomicalities, conclude that "the greatest composer of all-time", creator of some of the most transcendent art in history, could best be characterized as "a cock-eyed fatty".

Comforting, in a way.


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