Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Justice Equation

It is really quite simple. Where E is 'Evil murderer', and J= Justice', you simply take E and solve for J; the answer is you get a bunch of random guys in ski masks and snap a 70 year old dude's neck with a rope.
Oh, the wonderfully ghoulish death penalty. Why is the United States the only Western nation that clings to this barbarity? The whole world looks down on us, except of course our partners in love of Bronze Age punishment, Iran.
What a complete sham this all was. It was like a surprise party thrown on short notice. Couple of balloons. A crappy 12 inch Subway party sub. All the junk in the living room taken upstairs for the night. A bowl of snack-size Reese's peanut butter cups. John Mayer's new CD on the stereo. Pathetic, embarrassing, meager.
Don't get me wrong-Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. But executing him days after his trial ends on about two hours notice, rounding up some local thugs in masks and filming the whole thing on a camera phone like a 17 year old girl on Myspace is absolutely absurd and an affront to humanity as well as a dent in any sort of hope of "democracy" or stabilization in that region.
What a blunder this was. How it will stir up more hate and death. Barbarisms stack up upon barbarisms. What a poorly-orchestrated sham. What a mess we are in over there. All this suffering and death because of faux-intellectuals like Kristol, Krauthammer and Wolfowitz. All this suffering and death because of incompetence and arrogance.
Josh Marshall:

"This whole endeavor, from the very start, has been about taking tawdry, cheap acts and dressing them up in a papier-mache grandeur--phony victory celebrations, ersatz democratization, reconstruction headed up by toadies, con artists and grifters. And this is no different. Hanging Saddam is easy. It's a job, for once, that these folks can actually see through to completion. So this execution, ironically and pathetically, becomes a stand-in for the failures, incompetence and general betrayal of country on every other front that President Bush has brought us."

For once, I agree with George Galloway (taken from a Yahoo! News story):

'Mocking US President George W. Bush who hailed Hussein's execution as "an important milestone," Galloway said: "It's a milestone already on the road through the gates of hell"'.

I read in one of the many, lame and needless "Iraqis Celebrate Saddam's Death" stories polluting the news and it had an interview with some 30 year old guy who danced and went outside to shoot his gun off in the air after hearing about the execution.

Congratulations, Iraqis. We're going to take you from the 11th century to the 12th century even if it kills us all.


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