Sunday, October 14, 2007


The streets are alive with hearsay and rumor. From Jefferson County to Jerusalem, from the snowy wastelands and swaying conifers of Northern Canada to the muddy Yangtze banks, the talk is everywhere. Whispered tales of my demise, my fall from grace, my brief exploration of man-boy love in a Phnom Penh back alley basement/illegal magazine warehouse. I know you've heard them all.

Well I'm here to set the record straight. As per certain ongoing legal disputes, I can only categorically deny the first two of the above.

In truth, I've been very busy with school and various other thangs, and have been lazy/uninspired to update this crawlspace of genius. I've been enjoying the autumn air, taking frequent, pregnant-womanesque naps, reading much and listening much, recording the odd song with friends, maxin' and relaxin', u know how i do. Some highlights have been a free, intimate concert with Can's Damo Suzuki in which I sat cross-legged with friends way too close to the stage (literally 2 feet away-it was in a small basement) and almost went deaf within 35 seconds. Also, I saw Nico Muhly and his ensemble who were amazing.
I drink lots of Gatorade and read the Hebrew Bible and Henry James (Roderick Hudson). I take walks around the city and pet various animals. I very much like Animal Collective's new album, and what I have heard of Radiohead's "In Rainbows". I am excited for Alex Ross' book, which has been praised, of course justly, by every living being who has discovered the printed word, including Bjork and all the Republican Presidential candidates (except Duncan Hunter, who recently told veterans at an Iowa town-hall meeting, "The bastard devotes a chapter to Sibelius, and not that genius Helmut Lachenmann? You spilled your blood at Normandy and in the Vietnamese jungles for the post-dialectic, dissonant strains of Helmut Lachenmann and his musique concrète instrumentale, not "Finlandia" goddamn it!").

All in all, things have been okay. I hope your families and mistresses have been okay. I cannot say how inspired I will be to return here soon ("You were inspired before?"), but I will return. In the meantime, read all those sites I link to on the sidebar, and watch an acceptable-quality of that great Seinfeld episode with the Mandelbaums.


Blogger Daniel Wolf said...

Good to hear that you haven't walked off the edge of the blogoplan, young Patrick.

Now, do the world a favor and start blogging again!

3:20 AM  

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