Saturday, September 20, 2008

Officer Boulez

Do you know how fast you were trilling, ma'am? Oh I am a card.

Seriously though, I take back what I said about Boulez's style. He looks pretty fly here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I can make music sometimes

If you are feeling frisky, there are three new songs to peruse on my electrical music alter-ego Kid Icarus' MySpace.

-The first is a silly song about numbers I wrote and then recorded with my good friend Simon Larson for Mouthful of Bees. It might be on their (our? According to bassist and good friend Micky I'm sort of a de facto member even though this will be the final Bees album) upcoming record I helped out on. I sort of imagined writing a song that could be on Reading Rainbow, sans the name-dropping of Georg Cantor and Kurt Gödel and use of "motherfucking"-not commonly accepted in kid's music. The song is cutesy and only a minute long and exhibits the sort of tortuously long, winding chord progressions I favor (I will be bold elevate this common feature of my music and say it's the influence of Gabriel Fauré. Done).

-The second thing is a piano sketch recorded directly onto my laptop for a song I will hopefully record in the near future and place on a full-length album I will hopefully also record in the near future. It will probably have singing and lyrics and all of that silly stuff. It is (for now) called "Strawberry Tree" and discerning listeners will of course note not only the conscious aroma of my beloved French composer/organist Jehan Alain in its alternating of limpidly drowsy and austerely spartan modalism (adverbs ahoy), a Romantically tragic quotation of Wagner, but also me stomping the beat on the pedals, messing up in several parts and the sound of someone watching 20/20 in the other room. Extra-discerning listeners probably won't like it very much and think the above description makes me sound like a massive d-bag.

-The third thing is another sketch of a tiny song I originally wrote to a text of a single verse in the Song of Solomon (4:16: Thou art a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and flowing streams from Lebanon) in the Hebrew. I thought it was simple, pretty and hypnotic but I am not sure I will end up using the words if I record it.

Tell me what you all think. All non-positive feedback will be promptly deleted.

NOTE: I must admit to taking much pleasure in placing that giant photo of Clay Aiken at the top of this post. I am going to see if there is a way it can always remain at the top of every page of this site.
Look into his eyes. Lose yourself in them.

In case you haven't listened yet, there is another song there I wrote and recorded wit da Beez called "Thomas Aquinas." Fans of indie pop and poor mp3 transfers on MySpace will both have something to enjoy.